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Abrahams Hostels

We were recently invited to spend the weekend at Abrahams Hostel in Jerusalem. The Abrahams hostel is a chain of hostels wth an excellent reputation. Besides the hostel in Jerusalem, they also have hostels in Tel Aviv, Nazareth and Eilat. They also have some amazing tours both classic and off the beaten track.

I wasnt sure what to expect as I had never stayed in a hostel before. Here are all the things loved about my stay at Abrahams hostel.

  • Service- the hostel is filled with friendly helpful staff, Abrahams gives better customer service then some of the hotels Ive stayed in in Isael which are 3-4 times the price.
  • Vibe- because this is a hostel, the people who come to stay are very international and very open and friendly. There are also free activities happening daily in the hostel (yoga, kabbalat shabbat, movie night) which brings people together. Its easy to make friends at Abrahams. And look at the cool murals they have in the hotel! (see pictures)
  • Cleanliness- Ive never stayed in such clean accommodation in Israel… ever
  • Variety- Abrahams hostels have options for every traveller, from shared dorm rooms (for like 100nis a night) to big private family rooms . We stayed in a very large room with a queen size bed for adults and 2 sets of bunk beds for the kids and a bathroom of course. All linen and towels were provided. The rooms are not fancy, but who need fancy when u have big and clean! .
  • Kid friendly- from the bunk beds, to the fuzeball table in the lounge, to the kabalat shabbat ceremony with other kids on Friday night, my kids were in hostel heaven. And as soon as we walked through the door the staff gave us coupons for free drinks that you could take from a vending machine …. my kids were sold
  • Value for money… the cost of the rooms change depending on season but the prices are very reasonable for what you are getting and certainly good value for money considering all that is mentioned here
  • Location… the Abrahams Hostel in Jerusalem is in a perfect location. 5 minutes walk from Machne Yeduda and amazing restaurants . 20min walk from the old city. Right next to the light rail station. We did hear the light rail and some street noise from our room on Thurs night, but i usually sleep with ear plugs so I slept through it all and so did my kids. Fri night was very quiet

After my stay, I requested to become one of the chains affiliates and I can now give members of our group a discount code on all their hotels and all their tours! Send me an email on [email protected] for a discount code

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