75nis camping. Rooms btwn 400nis -1400nis

Midinat Achziv

Midinat Achziv is found close to Achziv National Park in the Western Galilee. This special place was founded by Eli Avivi who declared this land its own country with a population of 2 , namely Eli and his wife. Midinat Achziv even has its own flag! There are 2 options of accomodation at Midinat Achziv : camping and basic rooms. There is also a very interesting museum with a suprisingly large collection of archeological items on site . Some of these pictures below are taken at Midinat Achziv and some are taken at the small beach which is part of the Achziv National Park. Midinat Achziv needs to be booked very far in advance to secure a space

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