40-50nis per person

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Biblical Museum of Natural History

The Biblical Museum of Natural History, found near Beit Shemesh is the perfect place for a child that loves animals. Part Zoo and part museum, the Biblical Museum provides and fun and hands on experience. At the museum, visitors are able to gain insight into animals that lived  during biblical times.

The tour is guided (advanced booking required) and starts off with a short lecture teaching about biblical animals. After that, vistors are encouraged to walk around the museum looking at animal exhibits. The best part of the museum is the end where kids are allowed to hold and pet different kind of insects, animals and reptiles. From sweet rabbits and mice to snakes and lizards, you are able to hold each one with guidance. The guides at the museum are very sweet and patient and great with kids.

The whole experience takes about 2 hours and is great for kids of all ages

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