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Citrus and Salt


What fun and unique things are there to do in Tel Aviv” often comes up in this group, and now I have the answer!

Citrus and Salt!

Citrus and Salt is a cooking workshop and food tour company based in the Florentine TLV .

We were invited by Citrus and Salt last week to join one of their cooking workshops, and I have to say….. I was super impressed!

Here is what we LOVED about Citrus and Salt.

🥘The food!! At Citrus and Salt you get to cook and eat the amazing dishes that are on the menu. We made delicious mediterranean cuisine (see pictures). The highlight for me was the sweet potato and feta dish.. wow! All the ingredience were fresh and seasonal.

🍲 Aliya and her sister Shaendl who run the workshop are not only extremely proffessional, they are also calm, collected and fun to be around. I dont think Ive ever been to a workshop that was so smoothly run. I was there with my 2 kids for about 3 hours and Aliya and Shaendl kept them entertained and involved in the cooking process the entire time

🥑 This kind of activity can be so versitle. Whether you are a local and want a fun day out with the family, or a tourist coming to visit, or wanting a fun bacholerette idea, Citrus and Salt can cater to your needs!

🥙They can accommodate food restrictions and allergies! They also have an option of a Tzohar certified studio for those that want a more kosher option.

🫒In addition to Israeli and Middle Eastern menus, Citrus and Salt offers Authentic menus such as Thai, Indian, Mexican and Italian

A big thumbs up from Tripping in Israel to Citrus and Salt. I loved this activity and so did my son who now wants to be involved in chopping up every ingredient in our house

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