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Ein Yorkeam

Ein Yorkeam is a desert oasis. A lovely spring in the middle of the desert. The walk to reach this spring is easy and short and therefore suitable for the whole family. Ein Yorkeam has some pretty impressive scenery around it. If you are lucky, you will be able to see a herd of Ibex close by in their natural habitat. There is water in the spring all year round and one can swim in it. Bring a picnic or just a cup of coffee and enjoy this beautiful site.

Further Istructions: The waze link will take you to the parking lot. From there follow the green trail for about 20 minutes and you will reach the spring. Once you have enjoyed the spring, there is an option of another short 1.2km hike along the green trail. This picturesque walk, brings you to a lookout point, showing magnificent views

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