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Gador Beach

Gador beach, found near Hadera is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Israel. The beach is not an organised beach. There are no toilets, beach chairs or food on the premises (except for the occassional ice cream, truck). One needs to bring food and shade if one wants to spend the day there.

The main beach itself is not big, but if one turns right (north), one can find some very special rock pools and small sandy strips with very few people. The walk to the main beach from the parking is about 10 minutes on a sandy path. To get to the rockpools seen in the pictures is another 10-15 minute walk climbing over various boulders. The walk is not difficult but can be challenging if carrying umbrellas, cooler bags and small children. It is however, certainly worth it! Make sure to follow the Waze link provided to get to the beach parking lot.

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