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Gazelle Valley

The Gazelle Valley, also known as Emek Hatzavim -עמק הצאבים, is an urban park found in Jerusalem. It is a beautiful park filled with about 65 roaming Mountain Gazelle, amphibians and mammals all in their natural environment. The park also has 4 ponds which are home to many species of birds and a resting stop for many others during migratory season. Entry into the ponds is forbidden. The Valley also operates as a shelter for tortoises.

The animals in the Gazelle Valley lead a mostly natural lifestyle. They find their own food, breed, raise their young and fight over territory. Gazelle Valley is free and open during sunlight hours. The park is filled with a few shaded picnic spots and benches. The best time to visit the Gazelle valley is a crisp winters day.

Photo Credit: Alex Kleizit

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