80nis pp

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Gravity Park

Gravity Park is a indoor play park chain that can be found in Kfar Saba Carmiel, Netanya and Jerusalem. Trampolines, Omega, Climbing Walls and Video Arcades are some of the things you will find in Gravity Park. One usually pays a price for the whole day and kids can come and go as they please. We enjoyed Kfar Saba gravity park which cost 80nis to get in. Parents pay 10nis . One can get 1 plus 1 discounts through some of the major credit cards. You dont have to book ahead, but there is one catch.. This place can get busy on the weekends..

If you plan to go on a Saturday, either go first thing (they open at 10am ) or after 14.00pm (it starts to empty out). Otherwise you may be queuing a long time to get in

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