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Hayarkon Beit Leah

Did you know that there are many places that one can enter the water in Nahal Hayarkon? One of those places is called Beit Leah – בית לאה . It is a really nice place for a swim and a shaded picnic.

This water according to the locals is fine to swim in. We did and survived to tell the tale 😃😃. From what I understand , parts of the Hayarkon river are contaminated due to the Hayarkon mixing with a contaminated river called Nahal Kana. Beit Leah is before the two rivers join and is therefore not contaminated (at the point of writing this article). There is quite alot of shade and easy points for entering the water at Beit Leah. Make sure to take water shoes! There are no toilets or runnning water at this site

Further Instructions: To get to Beit Leah follow the Waze link. You should get to a big sign saying דרום השרון and a parking lot. From here take an offroad path on te right (fine for all cars) and drive another 1km to the entry point into the water.

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