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Iptach Ravine

The Iptach Ravine (נקיקי יפתח), found in the Upper Galilee (Kfar Blum area ), is a deep ravine made of limestone that can be climbed. Embedded in the limestone are rungs making a ladder that can be used to ascend or descend the ravine. The ravine itself is completely shaded and great fun for the whole family. Kids of 5 and under will need supervision to climb up and down the ladders. Younger kids may need to be in a carrier. The Ravine is not big, maybe a 15min climb in and out. There is lots of shade at the top of the ravine where one can have a picnic.

Further Instruction: To get to the start of the route (parking lot) put נקיק יפתח into Waze. From the parking lot follow the blue and white trail. Its a 5min walk (which is exposed to the sun) to start of the Ravine. This attraction is very much off the beaten track and you may find yourself alone with the Rock Hyrax if you are lucky!

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