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Ma’agar Gal’ed

Ma’agar Gal’ed or Gal’ed Reservoir found near Zichron Yaakov, is a natural reservoir which fills up with water every winter. The banks of the reservoir are green and often have flowers blooming, depending on the season. Ma’agar Gal’ed is the perfect place for a light stroll, or a picnic, in one of the shady spots around the reservoir. There are not alot of shady spots on the banks of the reservoir, so try come early or on a day which is not too hot.

Further Instructions: Follow the Waze link to the parking lot. On your walk from the parking lot to the reservoir in the pictures, you will see another body of water, a small lake. One is not allowed to enter this lake and there are “No Entry ” signs on it. Shortly after this lake you will see the reservoir in the pictures. Here people do enter the water. The reservoir is about a kilometer walk from the parking lot. Once you get to the reservoir you can walk around it (less than a kilometer in circumfrence) or sit on its banks and go for a swim.

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