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Mekorot Hayarkon

The Yarkon National Park is divided into two parts: Mekorot Hayarkon (The Yarkon river source springs) and Tel Afek. Mekorot Hayarkon is a wondeful and peaceful national park which has easy access and lots of shade. One can spend half a day in this park, enjoying the views, walking the paths and having a picnic. The most beautiful feature in this national park is the lillypond, featuring the yellow water lilly and its impressive flowers. Other features of Mekorot Hayarkon include a walking path along the Yarkon River, The Romatic Path (a beautiful path roofed over with vegetation) and The Concrete House -the first structure in Israel to be made of concrete.

As opposed to Tel Afek, one is not allowed to enter the water at Mekorot Hayarkon

Photo Credit: Hed Shafran

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