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Nahal El Al

Nahal El Al, is a perennial stream located in Ramat Hagolan in the area of Eliad. The route is famous for its 2 waterfalls, the Black and the White waterfalls. The color of the waterfalls are named after the type of rock seen in each area. The Black waterfall is named after the black basalt rock over which it runs. The white waterfall runs over a chalky white stone and is named accordingly.

There are a few different routes one can do to reach these waterfalls. The shortest is a 1.5km walk to the black waterfall and back (Park at Moshav Avnei Eitan). Reaching the white waterfall will take you longer and is about a 3km hike with a steep climb back at the end. One can also see both waterfalls together making it a 4.5km walk. One can swim in the pools of both waterfalls, the white waterfalls pool is bigger and generally more impressive. There is not much shade going down towards the waterfalls,so keep this in mind on hot summer days

Further Instructions: The pictures here are of the white waterfall and its route will be described. Take the Waze route and park your car at the parking next to Kibbutz Eliad. Follow the path down to the White waterfall and up again once finished. For all other routes in this National Park, follow Hiking in the Holylands guide seen here . No booking is needed for this hike and entrance is free.

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