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The Temple Mount Sifting Project


If you are visiting Jerusalem and havent been to the Temple Mount Sifting project, you are misisng out!

The Temple Mount Sifting Project traces its origins back to 2004 when illegal construction work on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem led to the removal of tons of precious soil and debris which holds artifacts of immense religious and historical significance for multiple faiths. The aim of the project was to recover these artifacts and ancient remains and provide insights into the diverse cultures and civilizations that have inhabited the area throughout the ages.

Visiting the Temple Mount Sifting Project, you are actively allowed to participate in the archaeological process. Visitors are provided with sifters and given the chance to sift through the soil, carefully searching for hidden treasures. Experienced staff members are available to guide and assist visitors in identifying significant finds, which may include pottery shards, ancient coins, jewelry fragments, and other artifacts.

You could even be lucky and uncover a silver coin from hundreds of years back! This activity is alot of fun for the whole family. Its feels like a treasure hunt and the kids loved it.

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