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Park Ariel Sharon (Hirayeh Recycling Park)

Park Ariel Sharon is a less well known park found close to the centre. This space used to be a garbage dump and underwent a huge restoration. Today Parl Ariel Sharon is a beautiful albeit small park with a coffee cart and a perfect place for a picnic. It is partly shaded and, if you get there early, you will definitely be able to find parking nearby. There are small paths around the park for scootering and beautiful ornamental pools. To get to this part of Park Ariel Sharon put this into Waze פארק מחזור חירייה

As a side note, the lower part of the park is called Shalem Park. This area is more popular and has an amazing playground for kids. The two parts of the park are not connected and you cannot walk from one part to the other. You can drive though, its only 2 kilometers away if you decide to do both parts.

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