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09.00 until sunset daily

Cafe Ve Yam

A shout out to Cafe Ve Yam (קפה וים) a cute food truck with an amazing view ! Cafe ve Yam is located in Shfayim ( in between Herzliya and Netanya) and is a great place for a first date especially during sunset ! This food truck serves beer and wine as well as delicious pizza and other sweet treats (see menu in pictures). There are various benches (some shaded with umbrellas) around the truck as well as recliner chairs, but feel free to bring a picnic blanket in case the seats are taken. The best part of this attraction is the view overlooking Shfayim Beach. You can take kids to Cafe ve Yam (mine really enjoyed the Pizza 🍕) but i think it is probably nicer to go just adults!

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