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Ein Aviel

Ein Aviel is a tributary of Nahal Taninim and is found close to the centre of the country in the area of Binyamina. This small river has water even in the hot summer months. Ein Aviel has a few entry points, some that are easier to find and some that are hidden between the vegetation. Ein Aviel is not long, no more than half a kilometer in length. It is shallow and perfect for walking in. Water shoes are a must as the river bed is quite rocky.

There is a small hidden cave with a waterfall to be found in Ein Aviel, but you will need to look for it! Keep in mind there is no shade and not very many places to sit. During the summer holidays and on the weekend this place can get crowded.

Further Instructions: Put Ein Aviel into Waze. At the northern entrance to the Aviel yishuv, park your car and make your way to the vegetation in the river. You can then either turn right or left and find an entrance to the river. The entrance is not that easy to find, Ask people in the area and they will direct you.

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