Ein Divsha

Ein Divsha is the perfect spot for people with young kids. It is an easy short walk (mostly in water) and is very shaded, making it perfect for a hot summer’s day. Ein Divsha is found in the Upper Galilee close to Kibbutz Gonen. Finding the start of Ein Divsha is slightly problematic as there are 2 entrances. We parked close to the entrance with the flour mill and started our hike there. The old flour mill is worth explorIng and some lovely pictures can be taken there. One can climb to the top of the flour mill and continue to hike uphill (less shaded) or one can turn down stream and walk south. We turned downstream and opted for the shaded route which is very short (about 1/2 km) but beautiful. One can sit and relax in the waterpools while the kids climb trees passing an hour or so. Ein Divsha is free and does not need booking.

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