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Ein Mabua

Ein Mabua is one of the lesser known national parks, and is part of the Ein Prat Nature Reserve, but with its own separate entrance. It is a small but beautiful park, with some of the clearest waters I have seen. The reserve, though small, consists of a nice size spring for swimming, some smaller waterfalls and paddling pools . Other parts of the reserve are closed due to contamination/water pollution, but the part I’ve mentioned is open and clean.

You can walk from Ein Mabua to Ein Prat , but this is quite a long unshaded walk (about 8km). Ein Mabua is situated in the West Bank . Booking for this site can be found here.

Further Instruction: Parking for Ein Mabua is on the road and not in an organised parking lot. Park near the parking barrier. Its a 100 meter walk (downhill and uphill on the way back) to the park

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