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And now for something completely different….How many of you know about Flybox? Cause if you dont, you should!!

Flybox is a vertical wind tunnel that allows people (ages 4 and up) to experience a body flight experience similar to jumping out of a plane…. !

The kids and I were invited to Flybox last week and WOW! What an experience!

The activity starts with a short video explaining how to position your body when flying, the different hand signals one needs to understand and a bit about the flying experience . You then get dressed in special flying gear and off you go!

My kids LOVED flybox and even I had a go . There are various flight packages on their websites and the experience can cost as little as 220nis. You can have a look at their website for details

We got some great pictures, but its much easier to understand how Flybox works by having a look at a video it. So take a look at our Flybox experience over here and enjoy!

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