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Glass Sculpting with Yael Vloch


I was delighted to be invited to attend one of Yael Vloch’s glass blowing workshops found in the heart of Jerusalem. This activity was one of the highlights of our recent trip to Jerusalem. Yael’s studio is located in one of the most beautiful buildings Ive seen, along side many other artists studios (just the building is worth a visit!)

Yael offers workshops for all ages and its especially suited for families. My kids 7 and 9 were able to some of the activity independently with some help from Yael. During this 2 hour workshop, Yael taught us how to make beautiful glass figurines of little animals, plants or flowers.

Here are the things I loved about this activity

– Yael is very patient and helpful, making sure everyone in the group has a wonderful time

– The glass making isn’t as complicated as some of the other glass blowing workshops Ive been to, so it is very family friendly. This can also be a really romantic activity to do with your partner if you are looking for a great date night activity

– I loved the fact that my kids could work independently during some of the process, it gave them a big sense of achievement.

– You return home, the same day with beautiful, very professional looking figurines which can be proudly displayed in your office/home

– I loved the whole atmosphere of this activity, being in the middle of Jerusalem surrounded by so many beautiful creations in such a beautiful space

– There are a variety of things you can create besides what I mentioned above. Yael can also do workshops on making jewelry, dreidels for channukah, ornaments for Rosh Hashanah or something special for a barmitzvahs boy.

So if you are in Jerusalem and wanting to do something special, or just have fun for a few hours, give Yael (or Yossi her partner) a call on 053-9386493

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