Easy- Moderate


Winter, Spring, Autumn

Har Harut

Har Harut in Mitzpe Ramon, is the site of a nice short 3.0km circular hike suitable for the whole family. The hike has many hills to climb and explore, the most impressive being Har Harut which looks like a volcano. On route there are also impressive Acacia trees and some shady spots, but this hike is best done in cool weather.

Further Directions: park your car in Yom Saharonim parking lot (Waze link). Exit your car and walk about 500 meters until you reach a large Acacia tree, from which there is a split path. Turn left onto a blue marking trail. Continuing upwards with the ascending trail. Take the green trail and climb up Har Herut. The view from the top of the Har Herut is impressive and overlooks the enormous crater. Return to the bottom of the hill on the green route. Continue 700m along the red trail until you meet the black trail. Turn right on the black trail which will lead you back to your car.

Photo Credit: Reut Mendelovich

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