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Hexagonal Pool

The Hexagonal Pool known as Bricat Hameshushim in Hebrew is found in the nature reserve of Nahal Hameshusim. The pool is an extraordinary natural phenomenon, because surrounding it, are hundreds of hexagonal/polygon shaped stones. These pillars formed as lava flowed and cooled after volcanic erruption. The pool is cool and deep (about 7 meters). It also has a small waterfall which one can swim to. Access to the pool involves a relatively steep descent and ascent back up again. The route to get to the pool and back is a 2.5km circular route

Further Instruction: The route starts and ends at the parking lot of the Hexagonal Pools (חניון המשושים). Descend a winding black marked path in between oak trees towards the deep channel of the Meshushim River. Join the red trail and descend some stairs to the pools. Those who want to make the trail longer can take the blue path (the creek trail) where it splits with the black.  The blue trail runs along the creek bank and crosses the creek to the other side. The crossing is done on stones and with the help of pegs attached to the rock. The blue trail connects to the red trail on the other side of the creek, and from there continue as described above towards the Hexagon Pool.

The Hexagonal Pool is a Nature Reserve that needs booking here

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Hexagonal Pool is often polluted and it is not advised to enter the water. in this state. Check with the Nature Authorites before going .

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