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Hof Dor Habonim

Hof Dor Habonim nature reserve ,located near Zichron Yaacov, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. What makes this beach so special are the many bays and inlets found in this national park. One can walk on the ridges of stone along the rocky inlets of the sea all the way to Hof Nachsholim, another beautiful beach. There are a number of beaches in this reserve, but the clamshell beach ( חוף הצדפים) is the most beautiful. There is a very special water cave called the Blue Cave in Hof Habonim Reserve. Dont miss it! Camping is allowed on this beach in an area called Hof Hasira (חוף הסירה). Hof Dor Habonim needs advanced booking. To book click here

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