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Horvat Borgin

Adulam Park, found near Beit Shemesh, is a wonderful green park with a few special routes. One of these routes is Horvat Borgin, a short 2km circular route, suitable for the whole family. The highlight of Horvat Borgin are the ancient caves scattered throughout the trail. During your hike, you will be exposed to beautiful landscapes, colorful flowers and lots and lots of greenery especially in the spring months. The route is easy to naviagte and can be started from the parking lot. Follow the green or blue route (depending on which end of the route you want to start from) and follow the route back to the parking lot.

The best part of Horvat Borgin are the “hidden tunnels” or in hebrew מחילות המסתור. These are small passages within the caves that kids, and adults can crawl through coming out at different parts of the cave. This is not an activity that is suitable for anyone who is mildly claustrophobic!. Bring torches for the kids. Lastly, this route is not shaded, so make sure you do it in the spring or winter months.

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