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Maarat Hachalilim

Maarat Hachalilim or The Flute Cave is a beautiful cave found in Mevreshet Zion, near to Jerusalem. The Cave has a system of tunnels and cavities which, over time, have merged to form a large hall with spectacular rock pillars. The openings of the cave look like the openings of a flute, which is where the cave gets its name from. The cave is 40 meters long and about 1.5 meters high. The route to the cave is mostly shaded and therefore suits a cool day.

Further Instruction: Put Nahal Halilim into Waze. Drive in Hashalom street about 100 meters until you get to Hashalom School. Park your car here. The beginning of the trail is unmarked and a bit tricky to find but if you come to a green marking, you are in the right place. Walk about 20 minutes on the green path until you reach the caves.

Photo Credit: אמיר מטייל

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