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Mount Meron

Mount Meron, found in the Upper Galilee has spectacular views from its peak. Around the mountains summit is a gorgeous 2 kilometer circular hike which is suitable for the whole family. The walk can be done at anytime, but is most beautiful as the sun is setting. As you circle the mountain, the views change but never dissapoint. Signs are there to explain what you are seeing on each lookout. The hike is mostly shaded due to the large amount of trees on the mountain. Depending on the season, one is also able to spot various vegetation and special flowers. On top of the summit is one of Israel’s military bases. This hike is not to be missed if you are in the area.

Further Instructions: Start the route at the red sign that says פסגת הר מירון

Although this is a circular route, the end of the hike is not the same as the start. The route ends on the road and it’s another 300-400 meters (unshaded) to the parking lot and start of the route.

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