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Nahal Amud (Upper)

Nahal Amud Haelion (upper) is a beautiful national park found in the Upper Galilee and consists of small waterfalls and pools.

The walk through the park starts with a 20-25 min descent towards the pools, on the red route, which is unshaded. Once you get to the water you have a variety of routes to choose from. Some are circular and some linear. We chose a 2km circular route (black and then back on blue trails). The walk is on dry land and one can choose to climb down to the pools. There are longer routes involving black and green trails. It is best to ask for a map when you get to the entrance. Just remember one has to climb up the red route again to get back to the car if doing a circular route.

In the months of May and June you will be able to pick blackberries from the trees and eat them! If you are thinking of going in summer, call ahead to check if there is water! Nahal Amud needs advanced booking. Click here to book

Further directions: In Waze type שמורת הטבע נחל עמוד

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