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Nahal Arugot

Nahal Arugot is one of the most famous and one of the most beautiful hikes in the area of the Dead Sea. This hike has water that flows all year round. The full hike is about 7.5km but one can turn around whenever one likes and still get to enjoy the trail.

Further Instructions: Start on the red route and walk for about 15 minutes on a trail which is exposed to the sun. The trail will split into 2 (red and blue routes). If you follow the blue route, you will shortly arrive at water which you can enter. The blue route will lead you to a canyon and then to a small ladder which takes you to a natural water slide. Exist the blue route back onto the red route which will lead you to a variety of pools including The pool of Paradise! From the entrance to these pools is around 1.5km. One can chose to stay here and spend the day or continue on. From here you can continue on the blue trail , walking in water until you get to the hidden waterfall (about a half an hour) or you can continue on the red route to the upper pools. If you choose to do the waterfall first (about 2-2.5km from the entrance) and want to continue after to the upper pools, then 50meters before the waterfall, you will see some stairs leading to a red path. Follow this path which then changes to a blue path and will lead you to the upper pools. The upper pools are a must with some of the most beautiful turquoise waters in the whole country. The route from the entrance to the upper pools and back again is about 7.5km

Nahal Arugot is a national park that needs advanced booking

Photo Credit: Mishel Figman 

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