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Nahal Ayun

Nahal Ayun, also known as Hatanur Waterfall is a beautiful reserve found in the north of Israel, near Metulla. The reserve consists of 4 waterfalls, the most famous being the Tanur waterfall. The full hiking trail to see all the waterfalls is about 2km long and can done from the top of the reserve (North Entrance) to the bottom (South Entrance) or from the bottom of the reserve to the top. Ideally, if you have 2 cars, you only have to do one way, but if not, you have to return the way you came as the hike is not circular. If you would like to only see Hatanur Waterfall (the most impressive waterfall), it is about a 30min walk from the south entrance.

One cannot enter the waterfalls in this reserve. There are however some small wading pools close to the South entrance, where one is allowed to enter the water. This is a national park and therefore needs advanced booking here

Photo Credit: Jerry Spenser and Donna Sivan Bishri

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