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Nahal Cziv

Nahal Cziv is known to be one of the most beautiful water hikes in Israel. It is found in the Western Galilee and the river promises water all year round. Nahal Cziv and the surrounding areas are a nature reserve and include beautiful castles and streams: Monfort Fortress (and other Crusader buildings), and several springs including Ein Ziv, Ein Tamir and Ein Hardalit, are part of this reserve.

Further Instructions: There are various ways to hike through Nahal Cziv: Here are 2 options:

Option 1) An easy to moderate route of 2-3km (linear)

Start at Park Goren at the Monfort Observation point. On the right side is the start of the red trail which descends into the creek. The descent to the pools is about 20-30 minutes and exposed to the sun. Once you get to the pools you can walk in the water or play in the pools or walk the green path alongside the river. Continue as far as you like and then turn back and follow the red path up to the car

Option 2) 6km hike (need 2 cars)

Park one car at Park Goren and one at Canyon Hazatim- חניון הזיתים . Start at Park Goren as for option 1. Continue to the pools or along the green path in, or out of the water. As you continue into the hike along the green path, you will discover many beautiful pools for stopping. Along the path you will reach Ein Tamir a beautiful spring. After a few more meters, look out for the blue route which will take you to your car at Canyon Hazatim. This climb is very steep and about a kilometer long.

Photo Credit: Esther Bezalel

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