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Nahal Hakibbutzim

Nahal Hakkibutzim is a wonderful large and deep river found in the area of Emek Hamaayanot. It is also one of of the attractions found in Park Hamaayanot, although one does not need to enter the park to get to the river

Nahal Hakibbutzim is about a kilometer in length and ends in a spring called Ein Migdal. This spring is meant to have some of the clearest waters in the country. Nahal Hakibbutzim is pretty deep, even for adults and therefore one cannot stand in it and one needs to swim. The water in Nahal Hakibbutzim is always warm, all year round, which makes it a pleasant to be in.

If you are going to take young kids, I recommend floaters or a blow up boat so you can push them down the river. Along the river you will find 2 sets of water pipes which are great fun for adults and kids to slide down. At the beginning of the route there are some shady spots where one can have a picnic. The river is about 10min walk from the parking. This river is free admission to all, no need to book or pay.

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