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Nahal Hashofet

Nahal Hashofet is a very popular hike found in the Ramot Menashe Forest. Its a circular route of about 1.5km and is stroller friendly. Along side the path are little splash pools that are great for kids. Because this hike is very easy to access, it is often overrun with people especially at the begining of the route. If one continues along the route another 300m from the first pools, there are even nicer pools that are bigger and deeper. One of these pools has a rope swing which is a fun addition to this hike! Along the route are sweet little caves for kids to explore.

Nahal Hashofet is probably the most popular hike in Israel for families, so go early in the morning if you can. It is best visited after a rainy season, making March/April the best time of the year to visit. Late in the summer the pools tend to dry up and the small pools at the beginning of the route dont have much water in them

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