Nahal Kini

Not far from the centre of Israel (about an hours drive ) is the Ramot Menashe forest. Through this forest runs a beautiful river, called River Kini, which only flows in Winter/Spring. Besides relaxing/picnicing in the forest, there are a few walks one can do here. One walk, about 1.5km long and circular can be found within the forest. To get to the start of this route put דלק מנטה מגידו into Waze

Further Instructions: Park at the gas station and walk towards a wide opening with lots of soil on the ground. Walk about 100 meters and enter the forest on your right . Once you have crossed the small river and facing the river turn right for a short walk until you come to a large tree. There you can turn and walk up to a dirt road and continue around the forest and back again. Alternatively, you can explore the forest without a specific route

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