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All year (except summer)

Nahal Peres

Nahal Peres is a 6-8 km hike which is found West of the Dead Sea. This hike has beautiful desert views, deep ravines and gorges and small water pools for swimming in. This route is not recomended when there is heavy rainfall as flash floods can occur and some of this route involves walking deep inside a canyon.

Follow the Waze link to the start of this route in an unmarked parking lot. The start of the route is hilly with vast desert views. After about 2km of walking , one reaches the first gorge and swimming pools where one can swim, rest in the shade or drink a coffee. There are various ways to continue the hike, either in the gorge (more difficult ) or on top of it. One can also turn around at this point and go back to the start. Hiking in the Holyland explains the options for the rest of this hike . A link with all the details can be found here.

I personally wouldn’t recommend this hike for kids under 6 years of age, unless you have very good walkers or are prepared to carry your kids .

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