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Nahal Tzalmon

Nahal Tzalmon is an easy short walk alongside a beautiful stream that has water throughout the year. It is found close to the region of the Karmiel in the Galilee.

The walk is short (about 1.5km) with lots of opportunity to enter the water. The water is not deep and suitable for wadding. The walk is not circular and best done with 2 cars one on each end. You can start the route either at

  1. שמורת נחל צלמון  or
  2. נחל צלמון סןף המסלול

Either of these addresses can be put into Waze. If you only have one car, start and one end and turn back when you get to the other end

If you follow the Waze Link to option number 2, park your car at the side of the road and follow the blue route. Along the route you will find a variety of beautiful water pools and ancient flour mills to explore.

Nahal Tzalmon is often listed on the National Parks and Nature Reserve Website as a river that is polluted, so check the site before you go.

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