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Nahal Sorek Estuary

Nahal Sorek is a river that starts in the hills of Jerusalem and flows 70km to end in the Mediteranian Sea north of Kibbutz Palamachim. Towards the end of the river starts a beautiful 2.5km walk which encompasses all the elements of nature: flowers, sand dunes, rivers and sea. The walk ends at Palmachim beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel.

The walk starts at the National Park Estuary of Nahal Sorek. Here you will park your car and enter a small Eucalyptus Forest. In the forest are some picnic tables which can be used before you start your walk or on the way back.

Further Instruction: Enter the forest and find the paved path that follows under a bridge . Follow the path 2.5km untill you arrive at Palmachim beach. During your walk you will see a river on your right, beautiful flowers and forests on your left and sand dunes to run up and down in front of you. At the end of the hike just before you reach the sea, are some caves on the beach. The walk is a linear walk so one either has to turn round, or leave a second car outside Kibbutz Palmachim. This walk is not shaded and therefore best done on a cloudy cool day

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