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Nahal Snir

Nahal Snir (also known as the Hasbani River) has a national park that is found in the Northern Galilee. The park consists of a picnic area, two man made pools and an entrance to the Snir River itself. One of the man made pools is for wading and has a waterfall flowing into it. The other pool, is a refuge for rare water plants such as the Yellow Pond Lily.

In addition to the pools in this reserve, is the Snir Stream Ravine, a short hiking trail of 1km that one can do either inside the water or outside it. To the left of this trail are small waterfalls bringing water from the Dan River into the Snir. This nature reserve is great for the whole family. Don’t forget to explore Park Chushim, a sensory park within the reserve which is great for young kids. The Nahal Snir National Park needs advanced booking. To book click here

Photo Credit: Sophie Walsh

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