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Nahal Zavitan (Upper)

Nahal Zavitan, found near Kazrin, is a beautiful hike with streams, deep pools and an impressive waterfall at its end. It is one of the most scenic routes in the Golan. The hike is a long linear hike of medium difficulty. This means one returns on the same path on the way back or one uses 2 cars and parks a car at each entrance.

The route starts and ends in the Upper Zavitan (חניון נחל זוויתן) if you have 1 car. If you have 2 cars, one can be parked at the end of the route at the Yehudia parking lot (חניון יהודייה), This parking lot is part of the Yehudia reserve and therefore is a paid parking lot.

Start the route on the red markings from the Zavitan parking lot. The first 30min of the walk involves a bit of climbing up and down boulders. Gradually pools will start to appear, but they are shallow and not appropriate for swimming. Continue walking for another 30-40 minutes and you will reach the black red trail junction. From here you will start to encounter deep pools appropriate for swimming. If you continue on the red route after about 10minutes you will get to the Zavitan pool, a beautiful pool decorated by hexagonal stones. After about another 15minutes of walking one will see the Zavitan waterfall, a 27 meter high waterfall. When you get to the blue and red trail junction, follow the blue path down to the waterfall. Once you are finished with the waterfall retrace your steps to the blue and red juntion and continue (follow the signs) for another hour to the Yehudia parking lot. The walk from Zavitan to Yehudia parking lot is about 8km.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Zavitan , or parts of it are often polluted and it is not advised to enter the water. Check with the Nature Authorites before going

Photo Credit: דר’ יואב פלמה‎ 

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