Nahal Zippori

Nahal Zippori, a river which flows for 32 km has various options for hiking. These hikes are best done in the winter or spring as they are not shaded and the river dries up in the summer. One option for a nice easy, stroller friendly hike is near the Tziporri forest (close to Bethlehem). Part of this hike is paved and stroller friendly. The hike starts next to a Coffee Cart called קפה הסוללים .

Futher Instructions: Park your car next to the coffee cart and walk down towards the road. Cross over the road and start walking on the paved path. When you see the river running under the bridge, turn right.. If you are with a stroller then continue on the paved path and turn back when you feel like it (linear route). If you choose to take the forest route, turn right when you come to a green gate (see pictures) and follow the route through the forest back to the coffee cart.

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