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Neot Kedumim

Neot Kedumim is a unique nature reserve found half way between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The purpose of Neot Kedumim is to teach its visitors about how life looked 3000 years ago in the biblical times. It offers visitors opportunities to connect to their heritage through various programmes for example (biblical cooking workshops or sheep herding workshops to mention a few). Planted within the reserve are hundreds of varieties of talmudic and biblical plants. Ancient agricultural installations such as oil and wine presses, cisterns, threshing floors and ritual baths can also be seen in Neot Kedumim.

Tours and activities offered at Neot Kedumim are suitable for the whole family. During Chagim (festivals) Neot Kedumim has special programmes related to that particular festival. For example, during Channukah, there are activities surrounding oil and light. These activities usually require advanced booking on their website here

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