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Nimrods Fortress

Nimrods Fortress or castle , situated on the southern slopes of Mount Hermon, is the largest remaining castle in Israel and is truely impressive. The ruins are well preserved and the views from the castle are beautiful. One can see views of the entire region from the Golan to the Galilee.

The fortress is 420 meters in length and 150 meters in width and is built of carefully squared stone. The castle is steeped in history and is named after Nimrod, the great warrior from the early days in biblical times, who was also rumoured to have built his own castle up on the mountain.  Since then the castle has been involved in a number of battles and has been enlarged and improved. Each place of interest in the castle is marked and signed. One can hike 2km from the fortress to the Banias National Park if one wishes.

Photo Credit: Karen Saul Kaufman 

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