1km from parking to pools




Moderate to Strenous


All year

Nofei Prat

Nahal Prat is one of the most beautiful rivers running through the Judean Desert, and has water all year round. There are various ways to enjoy this river. My favourite is a route that starts in the village of Nofei Prat found close to Kfar Adumim. This route has a steep decline without any barriers (for about a kilometer) and one needs to keep an eye on the young kids if you bring them along. After the decline you will come to a variety of gorgeous water pools. Some are deep enough to jump into and others are shallow and just for wading. Nofei Prat is found in the West Bank in area C, bu it is well travelled by Israelis and there should be no concerns.

Further Instructions: Enter “נופי פרת” into Waze and park at the large roundabout at the entrance to the village (right-side of the road, just before entering Nofei Prat). Walk to the large tree with the benches beneath it, and you’ll see the beginning of the trail (marked white-GREEN-white) leading down to the river. Follow the trail (1km) till you get to the river itself. Once you are here you can choose to go right or left and explore the different sized pools in the area, returning up the hill when finished.

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