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Park HaAgamim

Park HaAgamim (also known as Hanakik Lake Reserve), found in Rishon Lezion, was built with the goal of creating urban nature in the vicinity of a city. The park consist of a large lake surrounded by Eucalyptus Trees. The path around the lake is suitable for hiking, although it is not very well marked. There are many areas here for shady picnics, or even camping for the night. There are signs around the lake that state that entry into the water is forbidden, although the water looks clean. Park Agamim is not very well known and therefore a nice quiet escape for those looking for a less crowded place on the weekends.

Further Instructions: Follow the Waze link to the parking lot. In front of you, you should see the unmarked sandy path down to the lake. Turn right and follow the path to find a nice shady camping or picnic spot

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