Park Yakum

Park Yakum (also know as Sha’ar Poleg Nature Reserve) is found close to Tel Mond and is a wonderful place to spend a few hours. Not only is there a beautiful lake to walk around, there are also wonderful enchanted trees to climb, Persimmon orchards to run through and wonderful picnic spots to be discovered. Park Yakum is also a popular spot for those seeking a nice short mountain bike trail. If you are coming with kids, bring comfortable shoes. There are lots of great hills to run up and down. There are various trails to choose from in Park Yekum. The walk around the lake is about 2km.

Park Yakum is not very shaded and therefore perfect for a crisp winters day.

Further Instruction: Follow the Waze link to a big parking lot. Along the way you will see various places to stop and enter the park. We parked in the parking lot and descended about 30 meters to the lake where we started the hike.

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