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Ramat Hanadiv

Ramat Hanadiv is a botanical garden, found near Zichron Yaakov. The garden is dedicated to the memory of Baron Edmond de Rothschild. These exquisitely landscaped gardens are free and open for all. One does have to pay parking of 25nis if coming by car. The walking trail to the Barons Tomb is paved and suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. The tomb is surrounded by gorgeous gardens which have several points of interest including, the waterfall garden, the rose garden, the palm garden, the scent garden and more. There is also a visitors centre, in the heart of the garden and a footprint garden designed in the shape of a foot. Here butterflies can enjoy the rich nectar flowers, planted just for them.

From the garden, one can find a few circular routes that take one into the beautiful surrounding nature of the area. All paths start at the paths junction “צומת השבילים” opposite the main gate of Ramat Hanadiv. At the junction is a large map showing all the routes. The route we recommend taking is Ein Zur

Photo Credit: Amir Shemesh

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