54-82 nis pp

Opening Hours

10.00-17.00 (but check their website for updates)

Shvil Hatapuzim

Shvil Hatapuzim is an amusement park found in Hadera, born out of love for children and nature. The park is set in the midst of orange groves planted by early settlers. Many of the attractions in this park have been handcrafted by the builders. The park is open Saturdays, chagim and school hoildays.

Activities in Shvil Hatapuzim include ziplining, climbing towers, mini golf and mini rollercoasters to mention a few. In the summer months there are water activities including a springler/splash park and canoeing in a small man-made cannal. Shvil Hataputzim is suitable for kids ages 2-12.

Photo Credit: Anat Shteinberg

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