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Shvil Nofei Nahal Katlev

This route, found in the hills of Jerusalem (in an area called Bar Giora) is one of the prettiest in Israel. It is a short circular route, about 2km long, and is suitable for the whole family. The route starts very close to the restaurant Bar Behar (a wonderful and very popular cafe). If you decide to do this route, combine it either with a picnic in the surrounding forest or a brunch at Bar Behar

Further Instructions: To get to the start of this route, follow the Waze link to Bar Behar. At the restaurant take a left onto a paved walkway. In about 50-100m one sees the sign for the start of the tiyul. Start on the red and white path. When u get to the black marker take the black route up the mountain to go back. You can also choose to carry on along the red to make it a longer route. If you choose to do the circular route it doesnt end exactly where it begins (the end is the parking lot) but if u carry on another 100m , you get back to Bar Be Har restaurant

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