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Speculo Glassblowing Workshop


Speculo Glassblowing studio has been mentioned a few times by our members and its always got rave reviews, so you can imagine how delighted I was when they invited me to come and experience their workshop for myself.

The workshop involves melting small shards of clear and colored glass and through various techniques (that you will learn), turning this glass into your own sculpted glass creation (we chose a vase and a sword!)

Here are some things I loved about Speculo

1) This is a very hands-on workshop. The instructors help and direct, but you (and your kids in my case) are very much in-charge of your own creation

2) Speculo is one of the most professionally run workshops Ive experienced in Israel. Our instructor, Yachdav was amazing with my kids, really takes pride in his work and speaks perfect English

3) Speculo is located in Caesaria National Park. The location is central and the park has lovely restaurants and beautiful swimming areas. A perfect place to spend a few hours before or after the workshop

4) This activity is a great one for the whole family. Kids parents and grandparents. It can also be done as an activity for a special occasion, or just a great day out together

Some things to keep in mind

1) The workshop isn’t suitable for kids younger than 5. Parts of the glassmaking (heating the glass and molding the glass) may be a bit daunting for younger kids but it depends on the kid. My 6 year old was totally into it where my 8 year old was a bit apprehensive. Saying that Yachdav kept them both very much involved until the very end

2) Because of the kilns, the temperatures inside the workshop are hot. Make sure to wear loose and comfy clothing

3) Your glass creation (see the pictures of ours attached) take about 2 weeks to arrive at your doorstep. There are various options for shipping locally and overseas and an option to come and pick them up earlier than 2 weeks if you are In Caesaria’

We loved this workshop and highly reccommend it

If you would like to see the video we made on Speculo…. take a look here

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