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The Twins Cave

The Twins Caves (known in Hebrew as Maarat Hatumim) hike is a very special hike found near Beit Shemesh. Besides being a beautiful short trail, the route has two features that make it extra special. The first feature is a bat cave where hundreds of bats reside all year long. One is able to enter the cave and view the bats between the months of March and November. The rest of the year, the cave is closed. The cave is fascinating and quite large and has a built walkway inside, Dont forget to bring a flashlight as wiithout one, it is difficult to see where you are going.

The second special feature is a natural rock slide as seen in the video. The slide is great fun especially for kids, and one can spend a good hour here climbing up and sliding down the rock.

The hike is a linear hike about 3 kilometers there and back. It is partly shaded and partly exposed. It is not a completely flat route. There is some climbing (over boulders) involved, but it is mostly an easy stroll

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